Embracing the spirit of inclusion

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Perichoresis and Women’s World Day of Prayer, German committee

Women's World Day of Prayer
What We Do

 The main purpose of our Social Cooperative Enterprise Peri Ergon, is to aid our fellow human beings of vulnerable social groups, regardless of nationality, race and religious beliefs, through the solidarity economy. This is done by training them in the field of cutting and sewing, and by creating jobs so that they can advance and become independent through their joint effort…

handmade masks
wedding favors
handmade wallets
handmade bags
handmade wallets
handmade key rings

each product is an individual design

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Summer Bazaar!!!

Η Περι Έργων ΚοινΣεπ Κοινωνικής Ωφέλειας Σας εύχεται καλό καλοκαίρι και σας προσκαλεί στο πρώτο της καλοκαιρινό Bazaar!!  Η εκδήλωση θα λάβει χώρα στον προαύλιο χώρο του Κοινωνικού Παντοπωλείου της Ευαγγελικής Εκκλησίας, Νικομηδείας 31 Την Read more…