In our workshop we welcome people of all ages every day to attend free sewing lessons. In the mid of 2019 we got permission from the Ministry of Labor to operate and sell our products and some refugees have been hired through Peri Ergon SCE’s profits, we hope to be able to hire more people.

Our ambition is to offer them a creative and cheerful morning not only through education and know-how, but also through socialization and integration in a friendly and protected environment.

In the workshop we have ten sewing machines, a small showroom and at the same time we operate as a store.

You can find:

Bags, wallets, aprons, key rings,…made of recyclable materials- used fabrics, fabric scraps and also old donated clothing.

Wallets, cosmetic bags, pouches,…made of materials from refugee boats crossing the Aegean Sea.

Orders for anything related to sewing, either online or in our store.

Clothing repair.