In order to achieve sustainable development, we need to hold activities related to:

Fair and solidarity trade, an international and domestic trade partnership based on dialogue, transparency and mutual respect

Skills development and transfer of know-how

The production, processing, promotion and preservation of the productive or cultural heritage of each homeland

The production and promotion of independent cultural creation

More specifically, the activities include:

Training groups on basic work-related skills, such as the Sewing Workshop of Perichoresis ngo ,where vulnerable groups, including immigrants, are involved

Empowering members of special and vulnerable groups through support and training actions

Creating new jobs in a protected and decent environment with a view to social inclusion

Hosting events, workshops, bazaar

Developing a network of volunteers to support all of our actions

Networking and collaborating with other entities, always with our ideas and values in mind

Selling our products and the products of other groups  that share the same principles and values